Teach Your Daughters How To Fight


5 years ago I started doing taekwondo and it is now one of the most important things in my life. I go to an all-girls club and it makes me so happy to see girls of so many different backgrounds learning to defend themselves. I wish that everyone would encourage their daughters to fight, not only with their fists but with their tongues.

In the South Asian community there is a horrible mindset that women must be timid. If a woman is outspoken, she is labelled as કાંત (arrogant/argumentative) even if she is speaking the truth! This culture is why so many women remain trapped in abusive situations, because fighting back will lead to her being seen as the troublemaker, rather than her abuser.

For Muslim South Asians, I would present the example of Muslim women during Islam’s early days. They were bold, confident, and unafraid to ask political questions to the Prophet ﷺ himself. Rather than silencing women, we should be encouraging them to demand their rights and to fight against mistreatment in all forms.